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BVCITS| BVC Institute of Technology & Science

Mr. B S S Phani Sankar

M-Tech ( Ph.D. )

Mr. B S S Phani Sankar is having a decade of experience in the both Industry and Teaching . He has very strong practical knowledge leading to number of innovative projects.

Other Roles :

  • College Academic Committee Member
  • ASME Student Chapter Head
  • Department Academic Committee Chairman
  • SMS Association President
  • PRC Committee chairman

Subjects Taught :

  1. Thermal Engineering 1

  2. Thermal Engineering 2

  3. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery

  4. Power Plant Engineering

  5. Automobile Engineering

  6. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

  7. Instrumentation & Control System

  8. Industrial Engineering & Management

  9. Thermal Engineering Lab

  10. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery Lab

  11. Heat Transfer Lab

  12. Metrology & Instrumentation Lab

  13. Machine Tools Lab

He is an active member of multiple professional bodies and institutions like:

  1. Annual Membership in American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  2. Life Member of International Association of Engineers (IANG)

  3. Life Member of Institute of Research Engineers & Doctors (IRED)

  4. Life Member of Institute for Engineer Research & Publication (IFERP)

  5. Life Member of International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM)

  6. Life Member of Teaching and Education Research Association (TERA)

  7. Professional Member of High Scope

Research Publications :

1) An International Journal on “An Analysis on Osmosis Power Generation in India”
2) An International Journal on “Experimentation and Analysis of Fuels Obtained from Waste Plastics”.

3) An International Journal on “The performance of alumina mixed coconut oil in turning of SS304 alloy” International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD), Volume 9, Issue 4, August (2019).
4) An International Journal on “Recycling of Waste Plastic into Fuel” in International Journal of Research in Advent Technology April 2019.
5) An International Journal on “Multi-Functional Steering Vehicle” in Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research. November 2018.
6) An International Journal on “Effect on Performance and Emission Characteristics of an I.C Engine by Pre heating of Intake Air Using Heat Wheel” December 2017.
7) An International Journal on “Renewable Energy Based Power Generation by Using Osmosis Technology in India”. August 2017.
8) An International Journal on “Efficiency Improving, Energy Saving & Emission Control by an Advanced Solar Techniques in NGCC Power Plant” March2017.
9) An International Journal on “Improving Boiler Efficiency by Conducting Energy Audit in KTPS” February2017.
10) An International Journal on “Design & Analysis of Prosthetic Hand with EMG Technology in 3- D Printing Machine” February2017.
11) An International Journal on “Performance Analysis & Energy Audit Based on Dry Flue Gases by Using Modern Soot Blowers in Thermal Power Plant” in International Journal of Thermal Engineering & Technology December2015.

Projects guided :

  1. Design & Fabrication of Self balancing Vehicle
  2. Conversion of Waste Plastic to Fuel Products
  3. Design & Fabrication of Foldable E- Bike
  4. Performance & Analysis of Steam turbines in Thermal Power Plant
  5. Design & Fabrication of 360 Degrees Rotation Vehicle
  6. Design & Fabrication of Human Powered Vehicle
  7. Design & fabrication of Multi Utility Steering Vehicle
  8. Design & Fabrication of Go-Kart

He has attended and organised Conferences and Seminars such as:

  1. National Webinar on ‘Cutting Tool Engineering” by Sri Sarathy D, Honorary Chairman of National Institute for Quality & Reliability, Bangalore.
  2. Paper presentation with N Vasudeva Rao on ‘Conversion of Waste Plastic to Fuel Products’ in International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials, organised by Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at NIT Rourkela.
  3. Paper presentation with JE Manikanta on ‘Effects of turning parameters on Material Removal rate and Surface Finish of Fly Ash reinforced Aluminium Composites’ at National Conference on Emerging trends in Mechanical Engineering (ETME) organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Warangal, sponsored by TEQIP II
  4. Paper presentation with JE Manikanta on ‘Effect of Inlet Air Swirl generation on Performance & Emission characteristics of Diesel Engine’ in the ETME at NIT Warangal.

In his previous stint, he was an Academic Assistant at AP IIIT, Idupulapaya (2016-2017), Assistant Professor at Srinivasa Institute of Engineering & Technology (2015-2016), Site Engineer at Power Mech Projects Limited (2013-2015) and Trainee Engineer at Devi Engineering Constructions Private Limited (2013).