Electronics & Communication Engineering



Professor B V Ramana has been with us for the last 18 years with the Department of E&C Engineering at the university. He is responsible for the following committees:

  1. Academic Committee & Advisory Committee
  2. Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  3. Counselling Committee
  4. Co-Convener in Horizon 2K18
  5. Discipline Coordinator in Horizon 2k18
  6. Anti-Ragging Squad Member

He has been instrumental in preparing and handling various courses for the department, such as:

  1. Electronic Devices & Circuits
  2. Pulse & Digital Circuits
  3. Linear Integrated Circuits
  4. Analog Communications
  5. Antenna and Wave Propagation
  6. Microwave Engineering
  7. Digital Image Processing
  8. Radar Systems
  9. Electronic Switching System
  10. DSP Processors and Architecture
  11. Wireless Sensor Networks
  12. DSP Lab Manual

He is currently a professional member of ISTE, IETE and IAENG, while being engaged with a good deal of projects and research publications being:

  1. Designing a Logarithmic periodic Di-Electric resonant array for wideband implementation
  2. Review on LPDRA for various applications
  3. Performance analysis of seed quality by using DIP technique
  4. Low Dens FFT Architecture to process Twin data Streams for MIMO
  5. Enhanced MAC Design using RNS using KOGGE-Stone
  6. Secret key Based Crypto Analysis for Scrambling Digital Video
  7. A Reliable Image Steganography with Image Clustering and Robust Steganography using IWT

He has also mentored and guided research committees on the following projects:

  1. Design & Comparison of Quarter Wave and Direct Fed Sierpinksi Carpet Fractal Antenna
  2. Automated Mopping of Solar Panel based on Light Intensity
  3. An Efficient and Enhanced Hybrid parallel prefix adder for High Throughput Applications
  4. Foot Step Power Generating Systems
  5. Wearable Taint Warner
  6. Robust Digital Watermarking using Singular Value Decomposition
  7. Accident Prevention system using Body Movements
  8. Heart Rate Profile Monitoring System

He has attended and organized Conferences and Seminars such as:

  1. 1week FDP on Embedded System Development using ARM Mbed And Cypress PSoC platform
  2. 1 Week Online FDP on Research Challenges and Opportunities post Covid-19
  3. Online FDP on Cyber Security
  4. 1 week Online STTP on Bloom’s Taxonomy - Higher Order Thinking Skills in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  5. 1 week Online FDP on Future Outlooks of Advanced Communication and Signal Processing
  6. 1 Week Online STTP on Design & Simulation of Miniature Antenna for IoT Applications
  7. 1 Week Online STTP on Electromagnetics, Microwave, RF & Antenna Design using Ansys HFSS
  8. 1 Week FDP on recent Advances in Embedded Systems
  9. 1 Week Online ATAL on Internet of Things
  10. 1 Week Online STTP on Antenna Design and Analysis using Mathematical Solvers
  11. 1 Week Online ATAL on Research Challenges and applications of IoT
  12. 2 Day National Workshop on Advancers in ECE
  13. 1 Day project based training workshop, Introduction of PCB Design
  14. 1 Day Workshop on Advances in Planar Antenna Design using CST Microwave Studio
  15. 3 Day workshop on Advanced IoT with Machine Learning
  16. International Conference on Devices, Intelligent Systems and Communications
  17. National Conference on NCRTEB-2020
  18. 5 Day International workshop on Deep Learning

In his previous stint, he was an Assistant Professor at ASR Engineering College, Tanuku (2004-2005)